Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mom's visit

My mom came to visit a couple weekends ago! We had a blast!

Come back soon! We miss you!

P.S. Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad yesterday! 36 years! We love you!


My email inbox is empty for the first time since...well, probably since I got it over 10 years ago. I had over 2,000 messages in my inbox today (over half of which were unread). I hated to even check it because there was so much junk in there! I made a folder for keepers and purged the rest.

Though tedious, it was like a trip down memory lane:
pregnancy updates,
honeymoon itineraries,
wedding plan emails from my mom,
ticket confirmations from the first concert Christian and I went to,
3 seasons worth of Fantasy Idol updates,
European backpacking trip details,
letters from my Japanese penpal,
emails from a college classmate asking for the phone # of the high-schooler who stayed with me on her campus tour,
and countless emails from the relentless Slovakian exchange student from my junior year of high school.

Sometimes emptiness feels good!

Monday, February 8, 2010


P.S. Whenever I look at videos of Noah, he hears himself on the video and stares at me with the most serious hurt face that pretty much says "how dare you cheat on me with some other baby!"

Snow Tubing

This was a couple weeks ago, but we just found my camera today. Fun in the snow!Noah and MamaChristian and NoahBreaelle and NoahChristianChristian tackling Cody

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What I do during ESPN

These were doodled during SportsCenter. In honor of Valentine's next week, they document our love story up to now.
November 8, 2006: First Date

February 14, 2007: First Valentine's Day

March 8, 2007: Engaged!

August 11, 2007: Married!

October 26, 2008: Pregnant!

October 2008 - July 2009: Bakin' some Baby Love!

July 16, 2009: Baby Love!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today we went to Hatch Family Chocolates, the site of TLC's newest show Little Chocolatiers. We had just watched 2 episodes of the show the night before, so it was weird to walk in and see the shop and all the people in real life! Christian and I are nerds, so we thought it was way cool (although most people have never even heard of them)! Oh well!

Please don't eat that

I used to worry that our big black cat Bear would eat little Noah if he got the chance (like here when Noah was 1 month)
But now my fear is quite the opposite. Every time I turn around, Noah has Bear's paw or tail or head clenched in his fist by the fur as he struggles to shove it into his mouth.