Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Text convo just now

Christian: Babe I am sorry to bother u but I need to get the dates reserved, can u try and get me the number of the person I am supposed to call please

Me: Who are you supposed to call?

Christian: I don't know, can u find out for me please?


Hello, Spring? Are you there?

We keep getting faked out by Spring.
Last Monday it looked like this:Sunshine, 56 degrees, and daffodils blooming everywhere!
We even took off our socks and rolled up our pants to make some vitamin D (something we haven't done in way too long!)Then Wednesday it snowed and Saturday looked like this:Yesterday was our warmest day yet! 60+ degrees, sunny, and so hot that I even took off my sweater at the park and short-sleeved it for a while!We can always tell when the weather is good by how many people show up to watch the water show at the Gateway. Often it's just me and Noah. Apparently most people don't like losing all feeling in their faces by the time the show is over, but yesterday there were dozens of people!

Will it last though? The weather report says thunder storms tomorrow and rain/SNOW Friday. Argh the snow!! I don't care what the groundhog said! We're ready for spring NOW!!!

Mima's visit

Christian's mom came to visit last weekend! Due to bad weather (snow. ick!) we didn't get out all that much, but it was so nice to see her!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Our friends JR & Monica and their adorable little boy Bradley were in town this weekend! It was so fun seeing them and seeing our little guys play together!