Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 months old...

and big enough to push his own stroller!
My first "real" Mother's Day (although I agree with my mom: being hugely pregnant last year should count too!):

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010


2 weeks ago:
Eloy, Andrea & Jeremiah came to visit! Oh how we loved it!1 week ago:
Mom-Jeanne & Papa came to visit! Yay!
And we got to go to General Conference on Easter!3 days ago:
Noah turned 9 months old!
And figured out how to stand up by himself:Today:
Noah discovered crawling FORWARD!
(It seems that having bare feet was the trick)

Note to our visitors: COME BACK SOON PLEASE!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Text convo just now

Christian: Babe I am sorry to bother u but I need to get the dates reserved, can u try and get me the number of the person I am supposed to call please

Me: Who are you supposed to call?

Christian: I don't know, can u find out for me please?


Hello, Spring? Are you there?

We keep getting faked out by Spring.
Last Monday it looked like this:Sunshine, 56 degrees, and daffodils blooming everywhere!
We even took off our socks and rolled up our pants to make some vitamin D (something we haven't done in way too long!)Then Wednesday it snowed and Saturday looked like this:Yesterday was our warmest day yet! 60+ degrees, sunny, and so hot that I even took off my sweater at the park and short-sleeved it for a while!We can always tell when the weather is good by how many people show up to watch the water show at the Gateway. Often it's just me and Noah. Apparently most people don't like losing all feeling in their faces by the time the show is over, but yesterday there were dozens of people!

Will it last though? The weather report says thunder storms tomorrow and rain/SNOW Friday. Argh the snow!! I don't care what the groundhog said! We're ready for spring NOW!!!

Mima's visit

Christian's mom came to visit last weekend! Due to bad weather (snow. ick!) we didn't get out all that much, but it was so nice to see her!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Our friends JR & Monica and their adorable little boy Bradley were in town this weekend! It was so fun seeing them and seeing our little guys play together!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mom's visit

My mom came to visit a couple weekends ago! We had a blast!

Come back soon! We miss you!

P.S. Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad yesterday! 36 years! We love you!


My email inbox is empty for the first time since...well, probably since I got it over 10 years ago. I had over 2,000 messages in my inbox today (over half of which were unread). I hated to even check it because there was so much junk in there! I made a folder for keepers and purged the rest.

Though tedious, it was like a trip down memory lane:
pregnancy updates,
honeymoon itineraries,
wedding plan emails from my mom,
ticket confirmations from the first concert Christian and I went to,
3 seasons worth of Fantasy Idol updates,
European backpacking trip details,
letters from my Japanese penpal,
emails from a college classmate asking for the phone # of the high-schooler who stayed with me on her campus tour,
and countless emails from the relentless Slovakian exchange student from my junior year of high school.

Sometimes emptiness feels good!

Monday, February 8, 2010


P.S. Whenever I look at videos of Noah, he hears himself on the video and stares at me with the most serious hurt face that pretty much says "how dare you cheat on me with some other baby!"

Snow Tubing

This was a couple weeks ago, but we just found my camera today. Fun in the snow!Noah and MamaChristian and NoahBreaelle and NoahChristianChristian tackling Cody

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What I do during ESPN

These were doodled during SportsCenter. In honor of Valentine's next week, they document our love story up to now.
November 8, 2006: First Date

February 14, 2007: First Valentine's Day

March 8, 2007: Engaged!

August 11, 2007: Married!

October 26, 2008: Pregnant!

October 2008 - July 2009: Bakin' some Baby Love!

July 16, 2009: Baby Love!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today we went to Hatch Family Chocolates, the site of TLC's newest show Little Chocolatiers. We had just watched 2 episodes of the show the night before, so it was weird to walk in and see the shop and all the people in real life! Christian and I are nerds, so we thought it was way cool (although most people have never even heard of them)! Oh well!

Please don't eat that

I used to worry that our big black cat Bear would eat little Noah if he got the chance (like here when Noah was 1 month)
But now my fear is quite the opposite. Every time I turn around, Noah has Bear's paw or tail or head clenched in his fist by the fur as he struggles to shove it into his mouth.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


On Sunday we had our friends Cody and Breaelle over for dinner. I'm not a great cook, but things were going alright in the kitchen...

until I decided to make some garlic bread.

Within 90 seconds of placing it in the oven, thick black smoke was spewing through the oven vent. We opened the oven to discover both halves of the loaf covered in flames.

Cody saved the day. He grabbed the flaming bread and ran it out to the snow.

The worst part (besides a house filled with smoke, a blaring smoke detector, and near death by bread fire)? Christian and Cody still ate the rock-hard, pitch-black, charred-to-bits bread!

Who knew bread could be so dangerous?


Yesterday at the museum I leaned in to get a closer look at a ship replica. I could almost see down into the ship's holds when I heard a loud 'THUD' followed instantly by a sharp pain in my forehead.
Yep, the ship was behind glass.
Nope, I was not alone in the museum.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My, how he has grown

1 week old
5 1/2 months old
6 weeks old
5 1/2 months old

We love Dr. Seuss!

Noah and I checked a bunch of Dr. Seuss books out from the library last week. They are HILARIOUS!! I didn't realize there were so many that I hadn't read before! Some of my favorites that were new to me include:

The Glunk That Got Thunk

Did I Ever Tell You? (About Mrs. McCave)

What was I Scared of?

and Horton Hatches the Egg

They are so silly! I could read them over and over and still laugh every time! Dr. Seuss wrote about 50 children's books in all, and I want to read every one! I hope our library has most of them!

In other literary news:
I finally read the Twilight books. I finished the 4th one last week. My mom was was worth wading through some cheese to get to the last book!

Noah's newest silly face...

Yum yum!

Food Time!


Noah's been moving around quite a bit lately, only backwards though. He does a big push up and gets on his hands and knees, but when he pushes with his arms, he scoots himself back. He can travel backwards across our living room in a matter of minutes, but he always ends up frustrated because he was trying to go forward. Poor little guy...try as he might, his toys keep getting farther and farther away. Hopefully he'll be able to get out of reverse and put it in forward one of these days! :)


Noah has been "growling" since we got back from Christmas...we suspect cousin Will helped teach him this one :)

Jump Jump Jumperoo!

Santa brought Noah a Jumperoo for Christmas, and he's been jumping like crazy ever since:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh snow

I've always thought snow was so beautiful and wondered what it would be like to live in I know. I love watching it fall outside, and I suppose it would be absolutely perfect...if I were a HERMIT!

Last week Noah had a check-up at the doctor. It was snowing. I typically don't drive when it's snowing. I always wait for Christian to come home and let him handle it, but Christian was at work and I'd already canceled 2 appointments because of snow, so I had to do it.

It usually takes me 20 minutes to get to the doctor. This time it took me 60. The drive home was even worse. It was snowing harder, so I was just creeping along. Cars whizzed past me honking their horns. I wanted to pull over and wait for someone to come get me, but I was too afraid to leave the only clear path carved by the tires of the car ahead of me. So I kept going straight. It was the only thing I could do.

I considered just stopping, turning on my hazard lights and calling 911. I would have been happy to let the police drive me home. I knew this would only get me rear-ended, so I kept driving that straight line.

Eventually I got to the street I needed to turn left on to go home. There was NO way I was going to make it across 3 lanes and into the left turn lane! Instead, I slowly turned right into a grocery store parking lot. I parked and called Christian to come get me.

I was in tears by this point (hysterical according to Christian) and so grateful that my little car-hater Noah was asleep. I don't think I could have handled the both of us crying!
Noah and I waited at the grocery until Christian got off work and got a ride to come get us.

I'm pretty much done with driving in the snow. I think I'll just hitch a ride on a snowplow next time.

If you have any tips for driving in the snow or for not being such a scaredy-pants, please share!

2 months...

that's how long it's been since I posted last. Noah was almost 4 months old then and now he's almost 6 months! Wow how the time has flown! If I don't recap it now, I won't remember a thing! So...

Highlights from November and December include:

1. My sisters Liz and Katie and my cousin Sarah came to visit from California!
2. All three of us go the swine flu (not so much a highlight)
3. We went to 2 Jazz games and a BYU game (for free!)
4. We got to go home to California for Thanksgiving! 5. We celebrated Christian's 25th birthday! 6. We got to go to California for Christmas! Yay! 7. I discovered that snow, while very pretty, is also yucky! 8. Noah has been smiling and laughing like crazy and has recently started "growling"!
9. And, finally, we rang in the new year at home in jammies...quiet but cozy!