Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2 months...

that's how long it's been since I posted last. Noah was almost 4 months old then and now he's almost 6 months! Wow how the time has flown! If I don't recap it now, I won't remember a thing! So...

Highlights from November and December include:

1. My sisters Liz and Katie and my cousin Sarah came to visit from California!
2. All three of us go the swine flu (not so much a highlight)
3. We went to 2 Jazz games and a BYU game (for free!)
4. We got to go home to California for Thanksgiving! 5. We celebrated Christian's 25th birthday! 6. We got to go to California for Christmas! Yay! 7. I discovered that snow, while very pretty, is also yucky! 8. Noah has been smiling and laughing like crazy and has recently started "growling"!
9. And, finally, we rang in the new year at home in jammies...quiet but cozy!

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