Thursday, October 29, 2009

Exciting Week!!

On Monday morning my good friend Andrea gave birth to her baby boy Jeremiah! Yay! Congratulations Eloy and Andrea!

On Monday night my good friend Kali gave birth to her baby boy Harper! Yay again! Congratulations Kali and Anthony!

On Tuesday we woke up to our first snow:

And today is my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bear's new hangout

But not when you're trying to brush your teeth.

Oh Cuddling

There's nothing sweeter or more cozy than snuggling a warm baby in your arms.

In Noah's case, he's the wiggliest baby I've ever met.

Since he was born he'd rather lift his head and check out the world than rest it on your shoulder.

He prefers being held upright so he can see everything to being cradled like a baby.

Dangling legs?...not around here. If they're not busy kicking, they're bouncing or planted on the nearest surface so he can stand himself up.

Even when he's nursing, he's usually moving his little arms and kicking his little legs.

All this wiggling is cute as can be, but it also makes me really appreciate the moments when he does cuddle up and melt into me.

Moments like this...when he's asleep.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

One is enough...for now

The mothers' lounge in our church building consists of a rocking chair and changing table in the corner of the women's bathroom separated from the rest of the room by a sliding curtain.

Today while I was breastfeeding Noah during sacrament meeting, I heard small footsteps enter the restroom. Next thing I knew the curtain was flung open and a little girl (probably about 4 or 5 years old) stood there staring at me for a moment before asking:

"What are you doing?"
me: "Breastfeeding my baby."
girl: "Oh. I wonder why there's a curtain here?"

At this point she left me to use the bathroom, but then returned and said:

"I saw your two girls in the hall."
me: "I don't have any girls. This is my only baby."
girl: "He's your only baby? Oh. Well, you can't have just one baby. If my mom had just one baby, I wouldn't of come out yet."

True. Although during some moments of my labor I thought to myself that Noah would have to be an only child, I can say now that I agree with this girl. I would love to meet the other little spirits who are waiting to come out and join our family, but not quite yet. We're loving our time with Noah; he is such a joy, so one is enough...for now anyway.

9 Things I learned at craft day

I learned...

1. That you stand out as a "non-crafter" when you arrive to craft day in nice clothes (oblivious to the fact that there will be paint and other sticky liquids involved).

2. That the cute decoration you signed up for weeks in advance is NOT what you're greeted with when you arrive. [Apparently it's your responsibility to make bare chunks of wood resemble the adorable sample that lured you to sign up in the first place...who knew?!]

3. That there are over 17 billion different prints of scrapbook paper [which makes choosing 10 small pieces extremely difficult.]

4. What Modge Podge is and how to use it.

5. That it takes at least 6 other women to keep me from ruining my own project.

6. That Noah likes to flirt with the ladies at church and that he can poo through 2 outfits in under 2 hours.

7. That this whole crafting business is much harder than it looks (if you're crafty, I'm impressed!)

8. That signing up for just one craft is about as ambitious as I should ever be [considering that I spent longer on my one project than other ladies spent on half a dozen.]

9. And finally, that it took me 5.5 hours (aka WAY TOO LONG) to make this:
But, despite all the painting, sanding, cutting, picking, sticking, modge-podging, and hot-gluing, we had a fun day! So I can "give thanks" for that [and for the gals without whom my project would have been doomed!]

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


On Tuesday, LDSBC (where Christian goes to school) inaugurated their new president. The ceremony was awesome! Elder Eyring and Elder Nelson spoke and Elder Ballard and Julie B. Beck gave the prayers! We sat in the back row just in case Noah fussed (which he did), and I sat on the aisle seat, which means that all the apostles walked right past me when they came in!

The men at the door weren't sure if they were supposed to let babies in, but they let Noah in anyhow...thank goodness! I promised he'd be good, and he was...for most of it at least. He woke up toward the end of Elder Eyring's talk and decided he'd do a little "talking" of his own. The building is pretty small, so I'm pretty sure Elder Eyring must have heard! Needless to say Noah and I waited outside for the rest of the event, but it was such an amazing experience anyway! The spirit was so strong there!
Assembly Hall where the ceremony took place:
The inauguration wasn't until the afternoon, so while we waited for Christian to get out of class, Noah and I walked to Temple Square and hung out all morning. We got there before most of the buildings opened, so, other than a few gardeners, we were the only ones around. It was so beautiful and peaceful!Great day

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BYU Football Game

Some friends of ours from Stockton were in town for General Conference weekend and invited us to go to the BYU game with them on Friday night. We met up with the Harvey's and Doug and Tai Phipps for pizza and then walked to the game. Christian (the biggest football fan EVER!) was so excited, especially since this would be Noah's first football game! Only 2-and-a-half-months-old and already been to his first game...not bad!

I was paranoid about Noah being too cold, so I brought along most of his wardrobe just in case. I ended up dressing him in:

A onesie (or is it onesy?)
Footy pajamas over the onesie
Socks over the footies
A nightgown with mittens over the PJ's
A hat
And a fleece hoody sweatshirt to top it off
Then, when it got a little colder, I wrapped him in not one, but two fuzzy blankets. Noah was definitely NOT cold, but I think people could tell that we weren't from around here. Coming from California I'm just not used to seeing high's in the 40's on the second day of October!

But at least the extra warmth helped him sleep good! He fell asleep sometime toward the end of the 1st quarter and was out for the rest of the game!
We had a blast, and the Cougars won! (Sorry Nikki and Sheldon...your Aggies got smoked :(