Wednesday, October 14, 2009


On Tuesday, LDSBC (where Christian goes to school) inaugurated their new president. The ceremony was awesome! Elder Eyring and Elder Nelson spoke and Elder Ballard and Julie B. Beck gave the prayers! We sat in the back row just in case Noah fussed (which he did), and I sat on the aisle seat, which means that all the apostles walked right past me when they came in!

The men at the door weren't sure if they were supposed to let babies in, but they let Noah in anyhow...thank goodness! I promised he'd be good, and he was...for most of it at least. He woke up toward the end of Elder Eyring's talk and decided he'd do a little "talking" of his own. The building is pretty small, so I'm pretty sure Elder Eyring must have heard! Needless to say Noah and I waited outside for the rest of the event, but it was such an amazing experience anyway! The spirit was so strong there!
Assembly Hall where the ceremony took place:
The inauguration wasn't until the afternoon, so while we waited for Christian to get out of class, Noah and I walked to Temple Square and hung out all morning. We got there before most of the buildings opened, so, other than a few gardeners, we were the only ones around. It was so beautiful and peaceful!Great day


  1. Sounds like an amazing day to me! That is so cool that you were so close to the apostles and that you and Noah were able to spend time on temple grounds. Those are some definite perks of living in Utah. :)

  2. Sounds pretty amazing! Camilla loved LDSBC.