Sunday, October 18, 2009

One is enough...for now

The mothers' lounge in our church building consists of a rocking chair and changing table in the corner of the women's bathroom separated from the rest of the room by a sliding curtain.

Today while I was breastfeeding Noah during sacrament meeting, I heard small footsteps enter the restroom. Next thing I knew the curtain was flung open and a little girl (probably about 4 or 5 years old) stood there staring at me for a moment before asking:

"What are you doing?"
me: "Breastfeeding my baby."
girl: "Oh. I wonder why there's a curtain here?"

At this point she left me to use the bathroom, but then returned and said:

"I saw your two girls in the hall."
me: "I don't have any girls. This is my only baby."
girl: "He's your only baby? Oh. Well, you can't have just one baby. If my mom had just one baby, I wouldn't of come out yet."

True. Although during some moments of my labor I thought to myself that Noah would have to be an only child, I can say now that I agree with this girl. I would love to meet the other little spirits who are waiting to come out and join our family, but not quite yet. We're loving our time with Noah; he is such a joy, so one is enough...for now anyway.

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  1. Kids are so cute with their logic. I think labor is hard for a reason... so we can be grateful for the baby when it arrives and focus our time on them. As they grow out of the baby phase, we still remember what we had to go through to get the baby, but realize it's worth it to go through again. At least, that's how it was for me.