Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BYU Football Game

Some friends of ours from Stockton were in town for General Conference weekend and invited us to go to the BYU game with them on Friday night. We met up with the Harvey's and Doug and Tai Phipps for pizza and then walked to the game. Christian (the biggest football fan EVER!) was so excited, especially since this would be Noah's first football game! Only 2-and-a-half-months-old and already been to his first game...not bad!

I was paranoid about Noah being too cold, so I brought along most of his wardrobe just in case. I ended up dressing him in:

A onesie (or is it onesy?)
Footy pajamas over the onesie
Socks over the footies
A nightgown with mittens over the PJ's
A hat
And a fleece hoody sweatshirt to top it off
Then, when it got a little colder, I wrapped him in not one, but two fuzzy blankets. Noah was definitely NOT cold, but I think people could tell that we weren't from around here. Coming from California I'm just not used to seeing high's in the 40's on the second day of October!

But at least the extra warmth helped him sleep good! He fell asleep sometime toward the end of the 1st quarter and was out for the rest of the game!
We had a blast, and the Cougars won! (Sorry Nikki and Sheldon...your Aggies got smoked :(

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  1. Annie, you are beautiful! And that is so cute about how much you wrapped Noah up! lol. You're so funny, and such an amazing mom. Noah looks adorable as always. I'm so glad you guys are having fun there! We sure miss you over here though.