Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Uncle Shaun's visit

Christian's best buddy Shaun came to visit for a couple days on his way from New Jersey to California. Christian was totally stoked, and we all had a great time! On Monday we hung out in downtown Salt Lake and ate at Tucano's (Christian's favorite!), and yesterday we went to Gardner Village. It was all decked out for Halloween and so much fun!

Noah was all smiley on the car ride to Gardner Village (which is SO unlike him...he normally HATES the car)! It only lasted 20 minutes before he was back to his usual screaming self, but it was a nice treat nonetheless!There were life-sized witches everywhere, like this one flying a bicycle in the background:
Shaun got Christian this sweet 'stache at the candy store...hope it doesn't give him any ideas about growing a real one!

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  1. Noah is sooo cute! I adore him! I love this post. It sounds like you guys had tons of fun. The only thing missing is...YOU! Christian needs to get behind the camera a little more and get us some photos of his beautiful wifey.