Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is here!

Today is the official 1st day of Fall, and we are stoked around here! It's our favorite season! Bye-bye uncomfortable, sweaty summer...hello crisp, cool fall!

Yesterday the high was 65! That's right - 65! I wore long sleeves and Noah had to wear a
sweatshirt! It was fabulous!


  1. So jealous!! It's 97 right now!! Sometimes I get mad at California's weather...

  2. Hi Annie!! How are you doing? Your baby is soo adorable, isnt life wonderful to have a baby and most importantly not be pregnant anymore! Hope you guys are doing well, we should get together sometime since your in Utah now :)

  3. Ahh!! You guys are ridiculously beautiful! I love you all and this blog makes me miss you even more (but don't stop because I'm thankful for the updates and NEED the Noah eyecandy). I love your new Fall header! How did you get it?

    AND you're so lucky to be wearing longsleeves. It's still so hot here.