Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"If Nothing Ever Changed, There'd Be No Butterflies"

I came across this quote on some vinyl wall stickers at the store yesterday. Of all the quotes they had for sale, this one stuck out to me most (probably because my life has undergone so many changes lately).

Since May I've:

-Graduated from pharmacy school, which means that I'm no longer a student for the first time since preschool.

-Become a mother to an adorable baby boy who has stolen my heart forever.

-Joined the ranks of women everywhere who are armed with childbirth stories to share with unsuspecting pregnant women.

-Traded a lovable baby bump for stretch marks and what my big sister Liz calls my "mom body" (she assures me that looking 5 months pregnant for a while is totally normal...bummer!)

-And, most recently, Christian, Noah and I moved to Utah, making this the first time I've ever lived outside of California and the first time I've lived farther than 45 minutes from my parents and the home where I grew up.

It's beautiful here, and we love it so far; although I miss my family and friends a lot. It's hard to be sad, though, when you wake up to a big toothless baby grin each morning! Besides, home is where you make it, so for now our home is here. Changes are not always easy, but that's how we grow!

3 years ago I was a single college student.
2 years ago - a giddy newly-wed.
1 year ago - a not-quite-so-newly-wed yearning to make our twosome a threesome.
And now I'm a mom with a sweet little butterfly of my own!


  1. I've tried like 4 different times to leave you a comment, hope this works. lol. LOVE this post! What an exciting time in your life! And I love this picture of Noah! His smile and hair just melt my heart! I'm glad you guys are blogging now so we have just another way to know what you're up to! Miss you guys!

  2. Annie, I found you! And Noah is so cute! I'm excited you have a blog and I'll try to work on mine more, haha. Bye! :)

  3. Annie, I love this blog. I can definitely identify with you in many ways- change is good. It can be overwhelming at times, but like you said, how would we ever enjoy the beautiful results of so many transformations in life. So sorry I missed your shower and didn't get to meet Noah before you moved. I hope you enjoy your time in Utah. You are such an awesome person! You just keep loving that boy of yours!!!