Thursday, September 24, 2009

Halloween Costumes

FYI to moms: If you have a baby (or will have one by Halloween =), Wal-Mart has some really cute baby costumes for just $8.00, which is the cheapest I've seen so far. They're fuzzy and zip-up and made of softer fabric than a lot of more expensive costumes I've seen. They have lots of options like frog, tiger, Mickey Mouse, Pooh, flower, and more! Christian picked out this cute giraffe for Noah. I couldn't find them online, so you'll just have to check the baby section of your Wal-Mart if you're interested.
Happy Halloween!


  1. So cute!! I can't wait to see pictures of Noah in it!

  2. would it be weird if i just bought one?! haha just kiddin':) i like your new header!