Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Morning!

Monday morning 8am

Who needs an alarm clock when you've got one of these?
Noah wakes up every morning at 6am. Since I am NOT a morning person, I feed him and snuggle him back to sleep until he wakes up some time around 8am looking like this.


  1. AAWWWWW... I love Noah and his crazy tounge!! LOL Miss ya guys LOTS! :)

  2. Hi Annie, I found you. I heard from Liz what your address was and I am so happy. Noah is ADORABLE! Look at that smile. Thanks for letting me peek at your cute family!

  3. I looove this picture! Noah is the CUTEST! Thanks, this made my day.

  4. this pic deserves 2 comments! you're so lucky to wake up to him every day:) i can't wait to babysit:)