Sunday, October 18, 2009

9 Things I learned at craft day

I learned...

1. That you stand out as a "non-crafter" when you arrive to craft day in nice clothes (oblivious to the fact that there will be paint and other sticky liquids involved).

2. That the cute decoration you signed up for weeks in advance is NOT what you're greeted with when you arrive. [Apparently it's your responsibility to make bare chunks of wood resemble the adorable sample that lured you to sign up in the first place...who knew?!]

3. That there are over 17 billion different prints of scrapbook paper [which makes choosing 10 small pieces extremely difficult.]

4. What Modge Podge is and how to use it.

5. That it takes at least 6 other women to keep me from ruining my own project.

6. That Noah likes to flirt with the ladies at church and that he can poo through 2 outfits in under 2 hours.

7. That this whole crafting business is much harder than it looks (if you're crafty, I'm impressed!)

8. That signing up for just one craft is about as ambitious as I should ever be [considering that I spent longer on my one project than other ladies spent on half a dozen.]

9. And finally, that it took me 5.5 hours (aka WAY TOO LONG) to make this:
But, despite all the painting, sanding, cutting, picking, sticking, modge-podging, and hot-gluing, we had a fun day! So I can "give thanks" for that [and for the gals without whom my project would have been doomed!]


  1. ADORABLE!! Was this your first craft project ever? It is daunting when you are first started, but eventually you'll sign up for something that will ignite the "crafter's fire" and you'll want to make hundreds of it. Or, in most cases, you'll just realize that sometimes it's worth it to pay for the finished project. Fortunately, you are in Utah where finished crafts are semi-inexpensive. Look at The Quilted Bear... it's my FAVE!!

  2. what a DARLING decoration! you are now officially CRAFTY!